About Us

“Info front – Prilep” is a youth association and non-governmental organisation that provides information to young people regarding the Erasmus+ programme, stimulates creativity, creative activism, youth mobility, non-formal education, cultural exchanges, and information distribution.

The projects we have executed, the ones we are currently working on, and the ones we are preparing for the near future are local and international. The focus is on the topics of European awareness, digitalisation and digital tools, human rights, refugees’ issues, inclusion, self-promotion, gender equality, art and culture, creative writing, storytelling, environmental issues, and sport.

Furthermore, the organisation is running a Youth centre, where different workshops about career development and language skills are organised. In the field of media, we are the publisher of the free youth magazine “MYG”, written by hosted EVS/ESC volunteers, both in English and Macedonian, available at Issuu and our website.

Formed in 2011, “Info front – Prilep” also acts as a Macedonian branch of Loesje International (activist organisation standing for human rights and freedom of speech) (www.loesje.org).

Active in the field of volunteering, since 2012 we have an EVS/ESC sending, coordinating, and hosting accreditation. As of 2022, the organisation holds an accreditation in the field of youth for the years 2022-2027.